10 x 24 mins series

Ruby Wax tries to find Carrie Fisher a boyfriend, runs away with Pamela Anderson's breasts and spends the evening with male escorts in LA

Executive Producers Nancy Geller, John Fisher, Nina Rosestein
Producer/Directors Michael Waldman, Helen Fitzwilliam, David Berrent
Line Producer Aideen Kane
HBO 1999

The Awful Truth
12 x 24 mins series

Michael Moore uncovers some of the awful truths of corporate America

Producers Michael Moore, Kathleen Glynn
Line Producer Aideen Kane
United Broadcasting
Channel 4 UK and Bravo USA 1999

Emmy Nominated Outstanding Non Fiction Program

Voices of The Children
Feature documentary on three survivors of the Terezin concentration camp

Director Zuzana Justman
Producers Michael Wolkowitz, Robert Kanter
Production Manager Aideen Kane
MJM NYC 1997

Emmy Award Best Historical Program 1999